Lyola & Billy

These cool kids, Billy and Lyola, met in 2008. Both are music aficionados and met at a concert in San Francisco. Their love affair didn’t begin till 2011 and 5 years later here they are getting married. They wanted their special day to be a meaningful personal event and they said their ‘I do’s’ in an intimate ceremony at San Francisco City Hall. Olivia Richards helped them create memories of this special day and took beautiful photos of the ceremony and of the couple at one of their special romantic spots, Legion of Honor in San Francisco.


Rings by Iz & Co. Billy is rocking a suit by John Varvatos. Lyola’s dress and shoes are by Free People. Lyola’s hair is by Diane Beaver, Solid Gold Salon. Bridal bouquet is by the Flower Cart.

Meg & Alley

Meg & Alley got married on Halloween 2014 at New Haven's courthouse in Connecticut. They celebrated in summer during NYC Pride, and again October 31, 2015, with their amazing and spirited family and friends at a costume wedding at the New England Carousel Museum...unbelievably perfect and suited to them! For us it was a real pleasure to be able to make their skull rings and be a part of such an important part of their lives!

Adriana & Dean

Adriana & Dean met over 10 years ago where all good love stories start, in a night club through a mutual friend. There was plenty of drinks, laughter & countless jokes between the two not to mention secret tiny sparks.

Nothing happened that night & it wasn't until years later that the pair saw each other again in the same mutual friends hair salon. Again plenty of laughs & fun then the two both went their seperate ways AGAIN.

Adriana & Dean rekindled their friendship at the same mutual friends wedding in Bali a few years later, again time got in the way of not seeing each other until one night 2 groups of friends all went out on the town & in the groups were Adriana & Dean.

From that  night onwards they both knew that it would be the last time they were absent from each others lives. Fast forward two years later during a romantic weekend away on a cold May evening, Dean finally proposed to Adriana with a stunning black diamond engagement ring. The setting was an amazing Japanese Spa located in the beautiful Yarra Valley of Victoria, she said yes & the both were married in Fiji on the 4th of April 2015 at The Intercontinental on Natadola Beach.

One year later in May 2016 the pair welcomed a daughter "Lucinda" into their world, their lives are now complete & both agree it was worth the wait!

Jennifer & David

David and I first met when we were just 14 years old! We went to John O'Connell High School together and had the same Math and Biology class. Secretly, I always thought he was cute! I ended up leaving John O'Connell after 10th grade and didn't see David again until we were 17, at a mutual friends house.

The following year, we ended up in classes together at City College of San Francisco. One day, it was just David and I walking around campus and he said, "Hey, I just got paid and I feel like spending some money, wanna help me spend it?" Of course, I agreed! We got lunch and then took the J downtown and I picked a bunch of clothes out for him (some of which he later admitted to not liking at all, but he was just too nice to say so at the time!). I remember having so much fun and from that day on we hung out almost every day and when we weren't together we were talking on the phone. All of our friends would tease us and say we liked each other, but we would deny it!

Finally, after months of being inseparable, we realized that we cared for each other in a "more than friends" kind of way.  A few days after my 19th birthday, 8/28/2007, David very awkwardly (but it was so cute!) asked me to be his girlfriend. His first line was literally, "So, uh, it's a full moon tonight..." Ha ha ha!

David totally surprised me by proposing for his birthday on 2/27/2015 on the terrace of the InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco. It was such a memorable moment that I think will always make me smile!  He said he wanted to propose on a day I wouldn't expect because I have the tendency to spoil surprises before they happen!

We have grown so much together in the past 8 years. We started this journey as kids and now here we are, all grown up! I feel so blessed!

The adventure continues...